Of critical pedagogy and rational thinking…

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So, it has been a while that people have been asking me to write and I was also giving it a serious thought, the only handicap being what to write on! I thank Tehelka from the bottom of my heart for giving me a break. Recently I came across a bunch of cartoons published by this Magazine in support of “Freedom of Expression” in textbooks. Well, all the cartoons were amusing, but one in particular hit the nerve. This one has Ekalvya retorting to some Mr Sen’ s question of ruling class deciding what


goes in the books to “ The last time the ruling class decided who could learn what…I had to sacrifice my %&*ing thumb”.  Now, this cartoon makes me deeply uncomfortable. Ekvalya is a powerful bahujan icon. He symbolises the dalit and adivasi minority who were denied access and resources to upward mobility. He symbolises the…

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